A little bit about us...


northeast snacks retail store

Northeastern Snacks was formed out of the frustration of hunger. I was born and raised in the Northeastern corner of PA and like many other local people had fallen in love with some of the unique snack foods; Middleswarth Potato Chips, Tastykake, and many others that are exclusive to our region.

After moving out to Phoenix, AZ, I tried looking for someplace online that could ship me Middleswarth Potato Chips in a simple and cost effective manner, but to my surprise nothing really seemed to exist. So, as a career web developer for over a decade, I decided to change that by building this website.

I sincerely hope this site can help put a smile on your face and deliver the comforting taste of home you crave.

-Albert Martino
Chief Chipper, NortheastSnacks.com